Actually this should read “You Deserve MariaGrazia”

MariaGrazia or (MaryGrace) in my book is Numero 1!  I have worked along with this lovely lady since 1993 and I have nothing but good experiences and integrity to report about her.  She is truly a professional and an expert in her field of travel in Italy.

My business is group travel to Italy.  Our company does leisure travel, food and wine tasting, religious pilgrimages and also, most recently, some student travel. MariaGrazia shows great knowledge and expertise in every one of these areas. This lady knows Italy from the top of the boot to the toe and the rock (Sicily) that the toe seems to be nudging.  Ask MariaGrazia a question and she almost always has the answer, if not, she will have it in a flash for you.  Her proficiency in the travel industry is amazing.  She is a native Italian, however she also speaks like a native American and Frenchmen.  Her command of these languages is astonishing.

As a business woman she is professional, honest, of her word, and does the best of her ability in negotiating good pricing for her clients.  She is always available, day or night, to assist a group that has needs.  A glitch in the program?  Not to worry MariaGrazia has it under control in minutes.  She is very well known and respected in the industry.  From tour guides to tour managers to hotels, restaurants, wineries, drivers etc,. all know and love her.  She is always pleasant and courteous to everyone. Her reputation proceeds her.

Many times over the years while I was in Italy with one of my groups, we would be at a restaurant or visiting a site when suddenly out of the shadows would appear this lovely figure of a lady calling out to me “Lou, Lou eccomi! (Here I am).  What a wonderful surprise, she would show up unexpectedly to see how things were going and if all was as good as she had organized.  This is a woman who takes, not only her job, but her clients wellbeing and satisfaction very seriously.  Precisely for this reason I have been a loyal client of MariaGrazia for the past 23years.  She has always done well for me and my clients/travelers.

Do not hesitate to use MariaGrazia Ceccano and “You Deserve Italy” she will do her best to for you to insure that your trips will be personal and your clients will be well satisfied.  You truly “Deserve MariaGrazia”!   She goes the extra mile.

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Louis (Luigi) Falconieri – USA