“I have run a very small travel company out of Falls Church, Virginia since 1984 called London and All Other Places, Ltd.  I cater to groups no larger than 12 people and organize uniquely personal trips to Italy. I have worked with Maria Grazia (You Deserve Italy) for 18 years and feel that no one else provides the never-ending services and support that she does.  I have never had a requirement which she can not fill for me. The drivers she has found for me have always been excellent and knowledgeable and the hotels that she has recommended have been outstanding.  My company has been moderately successful because I get all the credit for the time and effort Maria Grazia puts into every trip I book with her.  Without her expertise, her advice, and her friendship, I could not accomplish the satisfaction of my clientele or the  creativity that my mode of travel enjoys.”

Elizabeth Lawson


London and All Other Places, Ltd.

Falls Church, VA  (USA)